DE-registration Of Political Parties: APC Calls On INEC To Downsize More

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The All Progressive Congress (APC) has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to sanitize the political parties more until the political space is decongested.


Mr Nwachuku Eze, the APC chairman of APC Ebonyi state made this call while granting an interview to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) today Monday in Abakaliki, the state capital.

Eze opined that for long time the political space was overcrowded unnecessarily by unpopular political parties, saying the move by the INEC chairman was a welcome development calling him to do more until there is a manageable number of the political party say like six.

In his statement, “We had a situation where few individuals or family members put-up papers and register with INEC but do not exist in states or anywhere in the country.

“They do not have offices, membership bases, structures and one person in most cases, is the chairman, secretary and other members of the executive.

The APC chairman described the INEC chairman action like deleting an unwanted file from a computer to relive it of space.

He said such de-registration would go a long way in sanitizing INEC especially from printing bogus ballot paper and difficulties during collation during the election process.

Having a manageable size of ballot paper will give voters liberty to thumbprint with minimum invalid votes, saying the former procedures have wasted many votes especially from villages where most voters did not go to school, thereby confusing them which party is which Mr Eze added.

He urged INEC to slam the complaint emerging from some quarters over the de-registration exercise, saying there is no case of victimization of any form as many de-listed parties were almost near non-existence.

He said it is appalling that in a country of one hundred and twenty million people; imagine a political party with only 1000 votes in the presidential election or some with no political seat from across the contested offices nationwide.

“INEC has an assemblage of the best lawyers in the country either as staff or consultants and its reputation will make it shun acts that will be sub judice before the court.

“There is no order restraining INEC from implementing the decision and it is only when such is obtained that the issue of sub judice will arise,” he said.