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The Sokoto State government has granted amnesty to individuals and syndicate who are partaking in ghost worker business to report them self’s or face stiffer sanctions while the time elapses. This category of people are those placed on the grade level they did not earn, receiving more salaries than they deserve or participate in introducing ghost names into the voucher for payments.

The commissioner of Finance, Alhaji Abdulsalam Dasuki and the Acting Chairman, Sokoto state steering committee on integrated payroll and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) disclosed this while briefing newsmen in Sokoto, the state capital of Sokoto state.

The Commissioner said this initiative was designed to sanitise the state government of corrupt practice being practiced by some civil servants in the system, saying those who are improperly placed on grade level higher than they really are and those who engage in fraudulent additional of ghost names into the voucher should come forward in confidentiality from Nov.27 to Dec. 9th by 12 midnight otherwise no leniency will be considered.

He urged the group that “Government is, therefore, calling on those concerned to avail themselves of this initiative.

The commissioner said the failure of those involved after the grace period expires will attract stiffer sanctions, saying that in the cause of their investigation a lot of irregularities were discovered and has to be corrected using the civil service rules.

He called on the civil servants who have any relevant information concerning any misdeed by the suspected syndicate to report such in the interest of patriotism through the following Gsm numbers, 08105475900, 08144885521 08106010490, to the committee, and promised it shall be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Meanwhile, this is with the assurance of confidentiality and reward where appropriate.