David Lyon’s Sack: Niger Delta Militants Threaten To Resume Hostility On Oil Installations


The Niger Delta militants have vowed to resume hostility on oil facilities in the region following the sack of David Lyon of the All Progressive Congress (APC) by the Supreme Court last week.


The militant group threatened to commence bombing if the apex court failed to restore their stolen mandate in its review of the case.

The threat was contained in a letter signed jointly by the collation of militants under the banner of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA).

According to the criminal group, the letter has since been dispatched to the Supreme Court and the Presidency, signifying as notice for the resumption of hostility on the oil installations in the region.

The latter signed jointly by nine team leaders of the different militant groups from the nine states of the region lead by, Johnmark Ebi.

The coalition of the militants said though they have kept the cease-fire agreement and have been in peace advocacy in the region, however, the ruling of the apex Court throwing away their mandate is intolerable and insulting.

The group said it has aborted the ceasefire agreement and have declared hostility in the Niger Delta for the reason that an injustice was mated on David Lyon who was mandated by his people to be governor but was robbed of the mandate by the court.

They threaten failure by the court to restore the mandate of Bayelsan’s will ultimately result is an invitation to wanton destruction that will not do good to all Nigerians.

According to the group, the RNDA should not be held responsible for whatever damage that will be incurred as a result of the bombing they are about to start