Children’s Day: Our Kids Deserved To Be Treated With Dignity – Buhari Urge Parents


As world today marks Children’s Day, President Muhammadu Buhari has called on parents to treat their children with dignity while not compromising their discipline. Buhari made this known through a statement from his media aid, Femi Adesina in Abuja as the world celebrates Children’s Day. The statement partly reads; “Every child is special and should be specially treated with dignity. “At the twilight of this administration, we are thankful for all the support we have received from parents, government officials, development partners, professionals, and religious leaders in realizing some of our targets.” 

He reiterated the commitment of his government through programs that were marked to favor children like the school feeding program, the primary Healthcare system, and the deployment of security to guard schools housing our children to mention but few. 

The president urges Nigerians that a responsible society is built through the training of responsible children and that a family is a unit block of every society, citing that as Africans every adult is a stakeholder in an upbringing of a child. 

The statement added, ”Truly, it takes a village to raise a child. And as the world continues to become smaller with new technology and the borders on culture and cultural values are steadily getting blurred, we must retain our identity and values. 

”Our core values of integrity, honesty, hard work, and love for learning should not be negotiated. 

”Our children should know, and stay with the ancient landmarks of what is true, and right at home, and abroad,’’ he added. 

Buhari called on both parents and children that there has never been an alternative to integrity, honesty knowledge, and hard work as they remain unchanging steps that lead humans to success in their destiny. 

He added that as his government winds down, he is happy he is celebrating his last children's day in office, saying every children's day reminds him of the future, describing the younger ones as the greatest asset a country has. 

He revealed as a grandfather, father, guardian, and leader, he wants to appreciate all that share the same trait, calling on them to remain steadfast in making sure that the children are brought up in the right direction. 

Buhari disclosed that” As a father and grandfather, I share in the joy that children bring into our lives and the fulfillment of seeing them grow. 

”And I also feel the pain of loss, anxiety, and frustration that comes with uncertain times, like the disruptions to families due to insecurity, which we have worked hard to contain in the last eight years. 

“We must not lose hope, and our faith should be rekindled in the ability of government to safeguard the future of our lives and children. 

”In eight years, we have focused on children, negotiating and fighting for the release of many that were taken captive, and painstakingly building intelligence on the whereabouts of others. 

”Some have been released; more will come, by God’s grace, as the next administration continues on the same noble path.” 

Therefore, he called on parents and guardians to remain steadfast in putting the building blocks that will secure and sustain the unity, peace, and progress of our great country. 

“At over eighty years of age, and has served the country all my working life, I still believe our children hold the keys to a brighter future for Nigeria, with these three undeniable and unchangeable truths; fear of God is supreme, love for knowledge is elevating and hard work will always pay off. 

“Happy Children’s Day and God bless our children,’’ Buhari concluded.