Don’t Allow 5th Columnists Undermine Our Security- Sanwo-Olu


Lagos State Governor, Mr.Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has urged citizens not to allow fifth columnists or external forces threaten or undermine their wellbeing and security. Sanwo-Olu spoke in Ikeja, on Tuesday, during a Stakeholders Engagement on Internal Security and Conflict Resolution across the Country.

He said there was a need to reignite the communication link between the government and the people.

The governor said this was important so that fifth columnists or conspiracy theorists would not be able to infiltrate and spread disinformation or misinformation.

According to him, disinformation or misinformation is capable of jeopardizing the future of the country or the opportunities available for the youth to contribute to the greatness of the country.

He said that the state of insecurity being experienced across the nation called for serious concerns.

Sanwo-Olu said this was so, considering its implications, not only on the socio-economic development and prosperity of the people but also the unity and territorial integrity of the nation.

The governor said that the importance of an effective strategy for the peaceful resolution of the conflict could not be overemphasized.

According to him, nations have engaged in war and civil strife on the basis of issues that could have been resolved peacefully without unnecessary loss of lives and destruction of property.

“The incidents leading up to 20th October 2020 protests nationwide and the aftermath have created a lot of tension in the land. “We should not allow fifth columnists or conspiracy theorists capitalize on the aftereffect of the protests with the collateral damage of police stations burnt and vandalized with arms and ammunition looted.

“That incident through which extensive damage was wreaked on public infrastructure and private businesses is a wakeup call to all well-meaning individuals and organizations that we cannot afford to allow external forces or factors to threaten or undermine our wellbeing and security as a people.