Breaking: India Makes U-Turn, Allows IMN Leader To Use His Preferred Doctors


The Indian government has agreed to the request of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky to use doctors he was familiar with for his medical treatment.


Dailypost reports that in an update made available to PRNigeria on Monday evening, an official of Islamic Human Right Commission (IHRC), said: “The issue in contention has been resolved”. He added El-Zakzaky was now receiving care from “known doctors”.


Recall that the Shiites leader had insisted that he wanted to be treated by experts booked to treat him before he and his wife left from Nigeria.


The IHRC, which is monitoring development in Indian, cried out on his behalf, claiming that unknown doctors had been brought to treat El-Zakzaky. Some reports had even accused the United States and the Nigerian Governments of allegedly attempting to frustrate his treatment. Some officials of Shiites Group had even raised alarm that their leader was being treated as a criminal.


A top official said: “I just received a very worrying news from the Indian government that ultimatum has been given to the Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria to leave India if he does not agree to the Doctors specified to treat him.


“From the way this is going, he is being treated extremely bad. Under the current situation, it seems he has no choice other than to go back to Nigeria. He has been given some hours to respond to their ultimatum. This is to me is totally, utterly unacceptable by any standard, either international standards or Indian standards or that of humanity”.