Senate To South African Govt: Killings Of Nigerians Must Stop


The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday has gone furious over the continued killing of Nigerian citizens in South Africa and have warned their government to arrest the situation otherwise there will be grave consequences.


The Senate President, Ahmed Lawan stated this at the plenary on Wednesday while warning the South African government that life of Nigerians matters and as such the good gesture of Nigeria towards their government shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Consequently, the Senate summoned the Nigerian Ambassador to South Africa to explain the circumstance to lead to the alleged murder of the Deputy Director-General of Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN), Elizbeth Ndubisi-Chukwu, in their country recently.


The recent killings have now pushed the number of Nigerian citizens in South Africa to 127 within three and a half years.


Subsequently, the Senate has directed the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue travel alerts to Nigerians going to South Africa.


Meanwhile, a directive has been issued by the red chamber to the Ministry to carry out a comprehensive investigation to unravel the mystery surrounding the alleged killing.


Senator Abaribe raised a point of order saying, “Elizabeth Ndubusi-Chukwu, a mother, and an indigene of Anambra State, was found dead in one of the rooms at the Emperors Palace Hotel and Convention Centre, on June 13, 2019, where she lodged.


The victim was in South Africa to attend a conference where she meets her untimely death. The Senate were concerned on how in recent times the South African authority have been showing less concern over the killings of Nigerian on their soil as contrary to how the Nigerian Authorities are treating them on this end.


The President of the Senate said this at Wednesday plenary after the Senate rejected the call by Senator Francis Fadanhusi that Nigeria should severe diplomatic relationship with South Africa over the unabated killings of Nigeria citizens on their country soil.


The President of the Senate said, “Nigeria as a country is tired of the killings and therefore, believed that the relationship between the two countries must be better. There must be mutual respect as against what is currently obtainable.


He pointed out that the Nigerian government and its people are responsible, the issue of retaliation would be unnecessary but the same gesture must be extended to Nigerians in South Africa if the relationship shall continue.


The red chamber also urged the South African Government to carry out an investigation into the death of Ndubuisi-Chukwu and other Nigerian citizens in such suspicious circumstances in South Africa,


The Federal Government has dispatched a senior officer to monitor the ongoing investigation into the alleged murder of the deputy director-general of the CIIN in South Africa.