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Thu, Apr

Coronavirus: Hope As Nigeria Record Its Lowest Daily Cases, Death Count In Six Months

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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for the first time in six months has recorded the lowest daily infection of only 240 cases yesterday.

This was a sharp decrease when compared to the 341 cases that were reported the previous day Saturday by the health authorities now pushing the country’s toll to 155,657.

According to the health agency record, since the outbreak of the second wave last December, the country has recorded an average of a daily 1000 cases of infection in the country.

However, from last week, the country has continued to record a daily decline in the number of the daily infection to as low as 700 per day indicating that the peak of the infection is gradually dwindling down.

Considering the number of infections that is been recorded in the last week, Nigeria's effort against handling the infection might have started yielding results according to the global health Organisation, WHO, through its country representative, Walter Mulomo.

Concurrently, as the daily infection is on the nose-diving, so also is the daily death record, as the country recorded only two cases of death yesterday.

Accordingly, the case is less than the record presented by the health agency the previous day before the last one which was 24.

As of the time of filing this report, the Nigeria death toll has reached 1,907.