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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has disclosed that the Ebola outbreak in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo was declared over as it does not constitute an international public health emergency any longer. The outbreak was recorded as the second-largest Ebola epidemic with 3,463 confirmed cases and 2,277 deaths in over two years. The Congolese Minister of Public Health, Dr. Eteni Longondo has on Thursday announced that the outbreak in the northeastern region of the country in the Ituri and North Kivu provinces. He added that DR Congo had for over 55 days not recorded a single case of the deadly disease.

However, the country has a new outbreak in Mbandaka of the Western Equateur province to deal with. The new outbreak which was announced on May 31 would be the 11th outbreak in the country since the emergence of the epidemic in 1976 near the River Ebola.

Mnabdaka has 24 confirmed cases with 13 death, according to CGTN Africa