Coronavirus: 9 Die As Toll Hit 6,175 With 216 New Confirmed Cases In Nigeria

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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said Nigeria has recorded an additional 216 newly confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country making the total confirmed cases now to 6,175.


The agency said 9 patients died of the COVID-19 related complication in the country shooting the total fatality to 191.

The NCDC explained that most death cases recorded from COVID-19 were cases with other underlying illnesses known as co-morbidities.

The health agency urged Nigerians to trust health authorities and take responsibility to contain the outbreak.

In its statement;

“Call your state hotline if you notice known COVID-19 symptoms.”

The agency said the newly confirmed 216 cases were recorded from 15 states; Lagos (74), Katsina (33), Oyo (19), Kano (17), Edo (13), Zamfara (10), Ogun (8), Borno (8), Gombe (8), Bauchi(7), Kwara (7), FCT (4), Kaduna (3), Enugu (3), Rivers (2).

The agency said no new state has reported a case in the last 24 hours.

Accordingly, it said as at yesterday, Nigeria has 6,175 confirmed cases, 4,340 active cases while 1,644 cases were discharged and 191 could not make it in 34 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Meanwhile, it stated that respect, privacy and confidentiality were some of the attributes the agency maintained as a public health office when responding to infectious diseases or outbreaks.

The agency reiterated, “We‘re grateful to our colleagues working hard in treatment centres across the country to manage COVID-19 patients to recovery,”

However, as part of initiative to reduce the risk of health workers, infections, it said the agency would continue to conduct Infection Prevention Control (IPC) training in states across the country.

Subsequently, those trained would transfer those skills to other health workers in their facility to ensure optimal IPC practice.

They pointed out that just because some states are easing the lockdown does not mean the disease is over.

Nigerians need to keep moving forward not otherwise, advising people to stay at home as much as possible and wear a face covering the agency said.

Meanwhile, the agency enjoined Nigerians not to relent in maintaining a social distancing, washing of hands regularly and disinfect touched surfaces as frequently as possible.