The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has alerted public, especially healthcare providers on fake Dukoral oral Cholera vaccine, circulating in Bangladesh. Prof. Moji Adeyeye, the Director General (DG) of NAFDAC made this known to warn drug vendors ahead of time. She revealed the packaging of the falsified drug Dukoral vaccine is carrying label displayed in English and French language.

The NAFDAC Boss said the World Health Organisation (WHO) had already quarantined some substantial amount of the fake drug vaccine.

In her words, “We are raising this alert to health care providers and the society at large about the existence of falsified Dukoral Oral Cholera vaccine circulating in Bangladesh.+

“The WHO Country Office and Health Authorities in Bangladesh have quarantined the 8,000 falsified packs of Dukoral Oral Cholera vaccine so far identified.

“Note that the logo of the manufacturer Crucell is also displayed,” she said.

Adeyeye clarified that the renown manufactures of genuine Dukoral Oral cholera vaccine is Valneva Sweden AB, formerly Crucell Sweden AB.

“Valneva Sweden AB, the manufacturer of genuine Dukoral Oral Cholera vaccine stated that the combination of the manufacturers, Valneva Canada Inc and Crucell should not exist on any packaging of the vaccine in the market.

“Dukoral Oral Cholera vaccine manufactured by Valneva Canada Inc is not registered by NAFDAC.

With this notice, Adeyeye warn Nigerian whole sellers and retailers of drugs to desist from illegal importation of the said vaccine.

She added that surveillance had been deployed by NAFDAC at all ports of entry to arrest illegal importation of the falsified Dukoral Oral Cholera vaccine from Bangladesh.