Apocalyptic Orange Sky Hit San Francisco

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An apocalyptically orange sky loomed over San Francisco and the Bay Area as smoke from unprecedented wildfires from Oregon blotted out the Sun. The atmosphere which resembles that of a post-apocalyptic film set is breathable especially the air at ground level.

Wildfires have already burned a record 2.3 million acres across California this year. Swathes of the Pacific Northwest are ablaze, too, in what Oregon Gov. Kate Brown called a “once in a generation event.” Strong winds that followed record-breaking heat over Labor Day weekend have made a bad fire situation even worse.

The sky lightened briefly around 9 a.m. in some places but then continued to get darker again, as atmospheric smoke casts the city in a perpetual twilight of red and orange. Fine ash rains over it all. The smoke was so thick it messed up weather forecasts. Experts believe that as the winds taper off, gravity will pull the smoke down. That could mean darker skies and even worse air quality later today, according to NWS.