Three People Shot Amidst Riots Sparked By Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake

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Three persons have been shot during a third night of fighting in the US city of Kenosha that was triggered by the police shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake. Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told the New York Times that one person had been killed. The violence occurred during a confrontation between protesters and a group of armed men. The 29-year-old unarmed black man who was shot seven times by a Wisconsin police officer on Sunday was involved in a brawl with several Kenosha cops moments before the shooting.

Lawyers for Mr. Blake said he had been trying to "de-escalate a domestic incident" when police drew their weapons.

Unrest broke out in Kenosha after Jacob Blake was shot by police

The governor of Wisconsin is sending more National Guard troops to the city.

The protests have spread to several US cities Including Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Within hours of Mr. Blake's shooting, hundreds of people had marched on Kenosha's police headquarters. Cars were later set ablaze, and police urged 24-hour businesses to consider closing down following numerous calls about armed robberies and shots being fired.

On Monday, Governor Evers called up the National Guard to assist local police and imposed a night-time curfew on Kenosha. Police backed up by the National Guard used tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke bombs, on protesters. Some demonstrators were seen using baseball bats to attack cars and properties.

A city block was cordoned off on Tuesday, so officials could survey the aftermath. Several storefronts were badly damaged. Smoke filled the air and visibility was low as firefighters used water cannon on still flaming buildings.

Blake's family said he has been left paralyzed from his waist down, after the shooting, although doctors do not know if it is permanent.