US: Sri Lanka's Army Chief Banned Over War Crimes

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The United States has on Friday announced that it will barn entry to Sri Lanka's Army Chief, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva over evidence of war crimes carried out in the 2009 civil war, AFP reports.


The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo in a statement made the disclosure saying Lt. Gen. Silva, as well as his immediate family, will be ineligible to visit the US as there is 'credible' evidence that he carried out human rights violations.

"The allegations of gross human rights violations against Shavendra Silva, documented by the United Nations and other organizations, are serious and credible," Pompeo said.

"We urge the Sri Lankan government to promote human rights, hold accountable individuals responsible for war crimes and human rights violations, advance security sector reform, and uphold its other commitments to pursue justice and reconciliation," the US secretary added.

A United Nations report alleges that Silva, who was a commanding officer of an army division deployed to the northern war-zone in the final months of 2009 civil played a major role in orchestrating war crimes.

Pompeo, however, said the US is ready to maintain a security relationship with Sri Lanka.

He said, "We deeply value our partnership with the Sri Lankan government and the long-standing democratic tradition we share with the Sri Lankan people."