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Earthquake: Afghanistan Seeks Aid As Death Toll Reaches 1000

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Taliban-led government of Afghanistan has called for aid from international agencies as it struggles the devastating magnitude 5.9 earthquake that reportedly claimed the lives of at least 1,000 people. Unknown numbers were buried in the rubble of ruined, mud-build homes particularly the Eastern part Afghanistan which is worst hit by the powerful earthquake. The Taliban authorities while seeking aid said communication networks are also badly hit. "We can't reach the area - networks are too weak," a Taliban spokesman was quoted by Reuters as saying. The magnitude 5.9 quake struck during the early hours of Wednesday near the city of Khost by the Pakistan border. At least 1,500 people have been reported injured, but officials warn the toll is likely to rise as many families were sleeping in flimsy housing structures when the quake hit.

This is the deadliest earthquake to hit Afghanistan in the last two decades.

Gayan district is the Paktika Province has been severely hit, 20 percent of the houses are completely damaged people are still under the rubble and serious help is needed in the area.

Heavy rain, and rugged mountainous terrain are hampering rescuers in south-east Afghanistan.

Aid agencies and officials are saying the death toll is still about to rise.

The aid agencies are overstretched due to the fact that most of them have left Afghanistan after the takeover August last year.

Afghanistan's health system was facing near collapse even before the disaster.