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South Korea To Launch First Domestically Produced Space Rocket

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In a bid to kick start its space programme, South Korea is on Thursday set to conduct its first test launch into space of a domestically made rocket on Thursday. The three-stage KSLV-II NURI rocket is powered by liquid-fuel boosters and designed to carry 1.5-ton payloads into orbit 600km t0 800km above Earth. The rocket will require a cluster of four 75-ton boosters in the first stage, another 75-ton booster in the second stage, and a single 7-ton rocket engine in the final stage.

Speaking, the first vice minister of science and technology, Yong Hong-taek said though "The rocket itself has no issue", officials faced delays while inspecting valves of the craft.

"All preparations like umbilical connection and confidential inspection have been done," the science and technology ministry noted.

Though space launches are sensitive issues in the Korean peninsula with North Korea facing sanctions over nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, South Korea plans to launch a range of military satellites in the future with surveillance, navigation, lunar probes, and communication satellites.