Armenian Prime Minister and Family Test Positive To COVID-19

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Armenia's Prime Minister, NikolPashinyan together with his family has tested positive to COVID-19. He revealed he does not present with any symptoms and would continue to work from the prime minister's residence. 

The PM himself made the announcement via Facebook on Monday, in a self-recorded video, as the rate of new infections soared in the Caucasian nation.

Pashinyan, who has four kids with his wife Anna Hakobyana journalist, said he probably caught the virus in one of the work meetings he had attended.

Stressing that Armenia is not "doing well" in combatting the COVID-19 virus, he urged citizens to learn to live with it.

The prime minister again urged citizens to always wear face masks and regularly disinfect hands.

The ex-Soviet republic of some three million has so far reported 9,492 cases of the coronavirus and 139 deaths.