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Russia-Ukraine: Sweden Insist On Joining NATO Despite Russia Threat

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As the Russia-Ukraine war enters the third month, Finland and Sweden are insisting on joining North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO amidst the Russian threat of Military consequences. Accordingly, the parliament in Finland has today voted 188-8 to approve a bid for joining NATO membership. To indicate serious commitment, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Ann Linde signed an application form for onward submission to Brussels as an official application. This follows President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin who made the announcement on Sunday of their determination of joining NATO.

It is speculated that the Scandinavian countries are rushing to join NATO for fear of what is happening to their counterpart in Ukraine. 

Accordingly, since the commencement of the war in Ukraine three months ago, millions of Ukrainians have been displaced into other countries of Europe due to military operations on their land. 

Finland is sharing a common border with Russia, while a substantial part of Swedish has indicated an interest in joining NATO for fear of the unknown. 

According to a top Diplomat, Josep Borrel when he met with the Defence Minister in Belgium, the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO would strengthen European Union (EU). 

Meanwhile, the inclusion of the Nordic nations if successful would increase the membership of NATO to 32;30 European, the United States, and Canada.