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Sat, Feb

Brexit : Finally UK Officials Signs Deal As Mps Set To Debate On Ratification

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As European Union is coming to the end the United Kingdom in an official divorce, officials have signed their post-deal with Britain and have since been dispatched to London today setting another era for the United Kingdom. The Heads of the European Commission and European Council, Chief Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michael respectively were seen full of joy and approval as they signed their names to the 1,246-pages Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Von der Leyen remarked, “It has been a long road. It’s time now to put Brexit behind us. Our future is made in Europe,” Britain will put behind them the European single market and custom union at exactly 11:00 pm (2300GMT) tomorrow Thursday 31st Dec 2020 marking an end to the long-awaited post-Brexit transaction period and negotiation.

Accordingly, the document was taken to the prime minister, Boris Johnson by the Air Force RAF Jet to append his signature as the UK parliament began to debate on the deal before the deadline catches up with them. The Prime minister while introducing the document to the parliament said, “With this bill, we are going to be a friendly neighbour, the best friend and ally the EU could have,” referring to the new relationship that will emerge between the EU and the UK after the deal.

Mr Johnson added that London and Brussels would work “hand in glove whenever our values and interests coincide while fulfilling the sovereign wish of the British people to live under their own sovereign laws made by their own sovereign parliament”,

Apprehensive wait 

Mr. Michael revealed that there is sentiment in Brussels but disclosed the two sides would work abreast each other on major issues of interest which include; climate change and future health pandemics.

He said, under the current Prime Minister, the accompanying UK legislation was published yesterday just a day before the signing of the deal by the officials.

The government is planning to fuse all stages of the 85-page European Union (Future Relationship) Bill through the Commons and the House of Lords in one day before Queen Elizabeth II formally signs it into law.

Meanwhile, The City of London faces an anxious wait to learn on what basis it can continue dealing with Europe in the future.

The slight deal
Yesterday, after an influential faction of arch-Brexiteers in Johnson’s ruling Conservatives gave their blessing to the EU agreement, the opposition also reluctantly gave its nod to the deal.

However, the Labour leader, Keir Starmer warned that neutrality was not an option referring to those even amongst the MPs who were planning to abstain from voting.

Starmer said to MPs, “This is a thin deal, it’s got many flaws, but a thin deal is better than no deal,”

Lawmakers from the pro-European Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party (SNP) said they would vote against it — with the SNP using the issue to push for a fresh referendum on independence for Scotland.