COVID-19: Indoor Gyms And Swimming Pools Reopen In England

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Quite a number of indoor gyms, swimming pools, and sport facilities in England are gradually reopening for the first time since March in the latest easing of lockdown rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The leisure sector has set aside strict guidelines to adhere to following the reopening, such as the number of people using the facility, spacing out equipment, reduction of gym class size, and ensuring adequate ventilation. 

Although outdoor gyms and pools have started operating in England since 4th July due to less risk of contracting coronavirus outdoors, indoor gyms in Northern Ireland opened earlier this month, but they remain closed in Scotland and Wales. 

Swim England has published its own guidance for operators on how to reopen indoor pools, including implementing a one-way entry and exit system. This was disclosed by the chief executive of the fitness house Jane Nickerson.