Spanish Socialist Pedro Sánchez was sworn on Saturday as Spain's new Prime Minister by King Felipe VI, a day after ousting scandal-hit political rival Mariano Rajoy in a no-confidence vote. Mr Sánchez, who is an atheist, took the oath to protect the constitution without a bible or crucifix - a first in Spain's modern history, at the Zarzuela Palace near Madrid.

The police on Friday caught several large animals including two lions, two tigers and a jaguar after they escaped from a zoo in the Eifel mountain range in western Germany on Friday. A spokesman for the district of Bitburg-Pruem, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, said earlier in the day that two lions, two tigers and a jaguar were on the loose.

A coalition government has been agreed in Italy, ending months of uncertainty in the EU's fourth-biggest economy.

Prime Minister-designate Giuseppe Conte presented his list of ministers to President Sergio Mattarella for the second time in a week and the new government will be sworn in on Friday.

Denmark has on Thursday passed a ban on wearing of Niqab or Burka The law was passed by 75 votes to 30 in parliament and will come into force on 1 August. It becomes the latest in a number of EU countries to pass such a ban, which mainly affects Muslim women wearing a Niqab or Burka.

Spain's Mariano Rajoy lost a confidence vote in Parliament on Friday, making his government the first in Spanish history to fall in this way.

His political opponent Pedro Sanchez, the leader of the main opposition Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), now automatically becomes prime minister.

Rajoy's fall follows years of corruption allegations against his Popular Party. The corruption scandal culminated last week in a court convicting his former aides of running slush funds to help finance Popular Party election campaigns.

European judges have ruled that Lithuania and Romania violated the rights of two al-Qaeda terror suspects by helping the CIA to mistreat them.

The US captured Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri after the September 2001 attacks in the US and they are now at the Guantanamo Bay prison.

The CIA operated secret prisons, including in Lithuania and Romania.

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