Fri, Oct

Zambia Inaugurates New President

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Thousands of citizens gathered at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, Zambia on Tuesday to witness the inauguration of the country’s new President, Hakinde Hichilema. Hichilema, 59, emerged president under the United Party for National Development, defeating the incumbent Edgar Lungu after his sixth bid for presidency.

During his speech, Hichilema promised to alleviate poverty and rebuild the country’s economy, saying “We will grow our economy so we can lift more people out of poverty than ever before.”

The new president also vowed that his government will strive for the benefit of citizens, and restoring human rights and people’s liberties.

“It’s a new dawn.” “The time has come for all Zambians to feel fully free,” Hichilema said.

He added that his government is open to working with the private sector to grow the country’s economy, noting that his government will fight corruption in a professional way, giving institutions power to fight the menace.