Buhari To S/Africa: Xenophobia Must End

Africa News

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on South Africa yesterday for the strengthening and implementation of all action geared towards mitigating further re-occurrence of xenophobic attack that was targeted against Nigerians in S/Africa that nearly threatened the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

Buhari, made the call in Pretoria, South Africa, revealed such attacks not only threatened the relationship between the two countries but also stand against the general prosperity of Africa at large.


He condemned the attack in its totality, saying all Africans should be their brother’s keepers no matter how situation demands; both Nigerians and other African nationals residing in S/Africa do not deserve to be looted while their businesses set ablaze by their South Africans counterpart.


President Buhari also condemned the few incidences of reprisals recorded on South African businesses in Nigeria.


He called on South Africans to open up its economy to accommodate Nigerian businesses, while assuring them their safety while in Nigeria, saying this will guarantee mutual benefit for the two countries.


Buhari noted that South African companies had enjoyed unfettered access to the Nigerian market, and protection with enabling laws.


He added, “We are pleased to inform you that our government has made doing business in Nigeria easier through the Ease of Doing Business Initiative to open up more opportunities for investors in Nigeria.


“We call on the Government of South Africa to also take steps to ease the doing of business in the country, and open up its market space for Nigerian businessmen and women.


Subsequently, he called for more tolerance vigilance and heightened security in countries to ensure the safety of citizens.