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Sun, Jul

Beyonce and Jay-Z Offer Lifetime Concert Ticket to Fans who Go Vegan

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Music powerhouses Beyonce and Jay-Z have announced that they would be giving fans the chance to win free lifetime tickets to their concerts in exchange for adopting a vegan diet for a month.


According to Reuters, Beyonce made the announcement on Wednesday via her Instagram, saying the offer is in support of the Greenprint Project, which advocates people to impact positively on the environment by eating a plant-based diet.

Marco Borges, Beyonce’s personal trainer, founded the Greenprint Project. He published “The Greenprint” book in December, which Beyonce and Jay-Z wrote the introductory aspect of the book.

In support of the project, Beyonce pledged to eat plant - based breakfast every Mondays, while Jay-Z has vowed to eat two plant - based meals a day. The winner of the contest will win a pair of tickets to one official concert tour by Beyonce and/or Jay-Z for the next 30 years.

Meanwhile, fans have taken to social media to express their excitement of the contest.