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Thu, Apr

Davido’s Fans Trilled Over His Appearance In “Coming To America2”


Fans of Afrobeats star Davido were ecstatic and over the moon to see their star perform in “Coming to America 2” the long-awaited sequels which premiered on Thursday. Movie lovers on Twitter praised the 23 years old Nigerian-American star on his appearance. His cameo in the movie was a scene where he performed his “Assurance” song as Eddie Murphy reprises his iconic role as Prince Akeem. Fans took to social media to express their delight. Davido himself said on Twitter, “It was an absolute pleasure sharing a set with a few legends that held the key to my childhood laughs.

“The sheer effort, work ethic, and attention that goes into detail in creating art like this, is way more astounding than I could ever imagine. I had to experience it to understand. Thank you @amazonstudios!! It was an absolute pleasure and I’d do it all over again! Coming 2 America out now! Everyone go watch it!! Tag your favourite boy when you see him.”

Some fans wrote: @A_Nimiyoe “To think Davido is Just 28 and he has achieved so many things, he is the youngest Legend ever. So I celebrate Davido Appearance in #ComingToAmerica2 feels so good yeah.

Twitter user @Vinz6199 wrote “#davido has just unlocked a whole new level with his feature on #ComingToAmerica2 for Nigerians, Afrobeats and Africa Dizzy symbol This movie and Davido's scene will be viewed and talked about for decades across the world, ASSURANCE will become an evergreen song Hundred points symbol Omo e choke, Shekpe FireRed heart.

Yet another fan @MrBlizz4 wrote “I'm proud of you @davido, this is huge achievement for us as a Nigerians #ComingToAmerica2