Box Office: Bling Lagosians, Mokalik And Several Others Raked In Millions Between July and August


Bling Lagosians is the highest-grossing film between July and August 2019, followed closely by Kunle Afoloyan’s ‘Mokalik’, both movies have raked about N100 million in that period.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Nigerians have spent over 1.2 billion watching movies in the cinemas for July and August, data was not guessed but was provided by cinema owners themselves to the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN).

Bling Lagosians movie was said to have earned N37.4million while the other Nigerian film in the top 20 is Kunle Afoloyan’s ‘Mokalik’ starting the month at number nine while ‘Avengers: Endgame’ sank to 18th position, earning N151, 966 that week. Other Nigerian films in top 20 included ‘Rant Queens’ at number eight, ‘The Gift’ at number eleven, ‘Wakill’ at 15 and ‘Coming from Insanity’ at 17.

By the second week, ‘Spiderman: Far from home’ edged ‘Bling Lagosians’ out of the first position. It had a 34 per cent decrease in revenue while ‘Spiderman’ earned N64Million. ‘Spiderman’ remained on top for the third week, although earnings decreased by 36 per cent. However, general grosses dropped by 20 per cent while ‘Lion King’ debuted for a few days, raking in N4million.

By the fourth week, ‘Lion King’ had settled in and climbed to number one with 108, 447, 093 million Naira. ‘Bling Lagosians’ stayed at number three with ‘Mokalik’ at number 13. Buzz around ‘Lion King’ dropped by the fifth week with earnings down by 33 per cent, totalling N73million. All the top 20 films earned N136.93million in total. ‘Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw’ debuted and snatched the number spot with N104. million. On Nollywood’s side, ‘The Set-Up’ entered late into the week and raked in N187, 500.

Although revenue dropped by 48 per cent, ‘Fast and Furious’ maintained the number one position while ‘The Set-Up’ made its real box office debut at number three with N25.63million. By the next week, all films maintained their positions but the ‘Bling Lagosians’ sank to number eight after spending eight weeks in the box office. ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ debuted leading to a week total of N113.61million.

In week nine, ‘Angel Has Fallen’ climbed to the number one spot, making N64.22million. ‘The Set-Up’ was pushed to the fourth position with a 49 per cent drop in revenue.

For the last weekend in August, ‘Bling Lagosians’ settled at number 20 with ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ struggling at number 19. ‘The Set-Up’ had dropped to number five. (NAN)