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Fri, Dec

Even As Rebellious Child, I Inherited Lots From My Father – Charly Boy

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Controversial singer, Charles Oputa, better known with his stage name, Charly boy, has revealed that despite being a rebellious child to his father, he inherited lot from his late dad, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. The convener of “our MumuDonDo” stated this in a posthumous birthday to his father, where he idolised his Lawyer father especially the time he spends with him. He revealed that his late father reawakened in him “a deeper meaning of life,” and the realisation of “my purpose on earth.” 

Charly Boy twitted on his X page today saying, “Even as a rebellious child, I inherited a lot from my parents, especially my father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa. 

He narrated that “The time we spent together were great years of great bonding between father and son. You reawakened in me a deeper meaning of life, the realisation of my purpose on earth, and reinforced the strong values you engraved in my DNA. 

“I learned the value of contentment and humility from you. Not a lot of children are blessed with parents who make a strong impact on their lives and shape their mindset. For this I am grateful. I feel blessed. 

“I was raised on an overdose of strong morals, values, integrity, and spirituality. As a former Principal in your younger days, you always were a natural-born teacher. You taught me to lead a good moral life, to be mindful and aware of my thoughts and actions, and to keep developing wisdom and understanding in any situation I find myself in. 

He added, “I remember our endless heated conversations about the apparent injustices and inequalities that abound in Nigeria, but you kept downloading for me all the code of practice or way of life that leads to true happiness. 

“One of your teachings was that wealth does not guarantee happiness and that wealth is impermanent. That people suffer whether rich or poor. But those who seek to understand the true meaning of life can find true happiness. 

“Thank you Daddy for teaching me the true meaning of life. Am a very proud son of a humble and respected father. 

You will always be loved, now and forever. Happy Birthday Dad.”