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Despite Gloomy Atmosphere: I Still Believe In Nigeria – Femi Kuti


Femi Kuti, the eldest son of a popular Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti said despite the gloomy atmosphere of uncertainty that is threatening the country in the build-up of the 2023 General election, he still hopes and believes in Nigeria. Kuti made this statement while having a chat with Arise television today when he was invited to speak about the political upheavals as the country is going through turbulence.
Although the Afro singer revealed that though every country has its own unique challenges, Nigerian leaders need to sit up to their responsibilities, he said.

He expresses optimism that there is light at the end of the tunnel, saying he has chosen to stay back in Nigeria because he needs to inspire the younger generation to still believe in Nigeria. 

Kuti said, “I have been in a country that has deteriorated all my life. I have been able to travel worldwide, and I’ve seen other countries.

They have their problems too. But like I said, Nigeria has no excuse to be where we are today. Is it electricity? Is it healthy? Is it roads? Is it salary structure? There’s no arm of government that functions to everybody’s content right now. 

According to him, he is not being diplomatic,” I just don’t want to be brought into social media battle of saying this person or that person because, as I said, I am not convinced about the political parties, I’m not convinced about the political climate, and so, I want to stay in my zone and be ready to fight for change with my music, with the Shrine and with everything I’ve got. 

He chided ASUU that all his life, ASUU has been going on a strike that has never been fruitful to either themselves or Nigerians, describing the action of the lecturers as unfortunate for the country. 

He expressed that for those who are following the event as they are unfolding in the country ranging from education to security, one would just lose hope. 

However, he expressed optimism” I still believe. I believe that there’s hope. If I didn’t believe, I would’ve been in Los Angeles or anywhere else like other artists. But I do come back to inspire hope in the younger generation.”