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Thu, Apr

Gilbert Houngbo Gets Reappointed As IFAD’s President For A Second Term

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Member States of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) have reappointed Gilbert Houngbo as President for a second term on Wednesday, at its annual Governing Council meeting. According to the United Nation, UN’s body this was a strong show of support and recognition for the leader who has successfully showcased the significance of long-term rural development as a key solution to the global problems the world is facing at present. IFAD in a statement revealed that even with a more ambitious agenda at the heart of his second mandate, and a particular focus on technological solutions, innovative financing models, and new private-sector partnerships, IFAD would continue tackling hunger and poverty and address the upsetting impacts of climate change, youth unemployment and most recently COVID-19, leading on the ground to guarantee no one is left behind.

Speaking on his reappointment, Houngbo, who has been IFAD’s leader since 2017, said, “With the pandemic still devastating rural areas and the projections for increased poverty and hunger, the need for IFAD to scale up is more urgent than ever.

“Today it is COVID, yesterday it was a tsunami, and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. The threat from climate change and extreme weather will not diminish, and we should prepare.

“No rural woman or man should ever be in a position of having to sell his or her meagre assets – or be forced to migrate – in order to survive,” he added.

IFAD has raised $3.8 billion in its 12th replenishment, a fresh record for the United Nations fund.

The capital will enable IFAD to reach approximately 140 million people in fragile and remote areas over three years. IFAD President Gilbert Houngbo, said the new funds would help IFAD work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals over its next cycle from 2022-2024.