Alleged Extortion: Intimidation Cannot Subdue Me – Shehu Sani

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The embattled Shehu Sani, a former senator representing Kaduna central has accused the federal government of using intimidation by proxy to make him stop criticising the government of President Buhari.

The former lawmaker alleged that the government is using his accuser remotely to get him to keep quiet through the deploying the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to set him up in his present ordeal over alleged extortion.


The Anti-graft operatives had on Wednesday raided the two houses and an office of Shehu Sani in Abuja.


The EFCC action was part of the investigation into the allegation brought against him to the Anti-graft by his accuser, Alhaji Sani Dauda for extorting him of $24,000 dollars in the guise of going to bribe judges on his behalf.


Dauda in his petition to the EFCC alleged that Sani collected the sum of N4million from him to be given to the Chief Justice of the Federation (CJN), Justice Tanko Mohammed over his pending case in court.


However the allegation the CJN denied since Sunday saying, he never knew Shehu Sani in his life.


Meanwhile, the lawmaker has consistently maintained the accuser is just framing him.


While speaking to The Punch in detention via WhatApp made 15-points response.


The former lawmaker response reads, “The allegations of ‘extortion’ against me are baseless, fact-less, unfounded, hollow and unsubstantial.


“It is a scripted stream of mischievous concoctions and utter fabrications using a puppet state agent; all aimed at splashing faeces and mud on me.


“The extortion allegation is nothing but a wholesale falsehood, packaged in a phantom anti-graft facade to taint, stain and mute me. That shall never happen if I am alive.


He added, “My detention is unfair, unjust, prearranged and politically motivated.”


Sani revealed Alhaji Sani and his cohorts have consistently failed to bring any convincing evidence to prove his claim of extortion, saying he is just being held unlawfully.


He continued, “Fascism thrives in frame up of its critics.


“They claim extortion and here they are closing my bank accounts, searching my houses and offices and demanding I declare my assets, of which I have already done that at the CCB (Code of Conduct Bureau) last year when I left the Senate.


“Frame-up cannot silence me!”


Therefore, “Criminalising me or ‘framing me’ will not silence me, bend me or compromise me.” Sani added.