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Tue, Jun

Okonjo-Iweala Appoints 4 WTO Deputy Directors-General


Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has announced the appointment of 4 Deputy Directors-General. This was disclosed in a statement titled: "DG Okonjo-Iweala announces her 4 Deputy Directors-General".

Iweala said, "I am very pleased to announce the appointment of 4 new Deputy Directors-General at the WTO. It is the first time in the history of our organization that half of the DDGs are women.

"This underscores my commitment to strengthening our Organization with talented leaders whilst at the same time achieving gender balance in senior positions. I look forward to welcoming them to the WTO."

The newly-appointed deputies include Anabel Gonzalez of Costa Rica, Angela Ellard from the United States, Ambassador Jean-Marie Paugam of France, and Ambassador Xiangchen Zhang of China.

Gonzalez is a renowned global expert on trade, investment, and economic development. She also served as Costa Rica's Minister of Foreign Trade, amongst other key positions.

Ellard is an expert on international trade and international economic policy and she has also worked at the US Congress as Majority and Minority Chief Trade Counsel and Staff Director.

Paugam has held a number of key positions in the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. He was most recently the Permanent Representative of France to the WTO.

Zhang is currently the Vice Minister in the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. He is a renowned expert on WTO issues and international negotiations. Zhang recently served as Permanent Representative of China to the WTO.